Pete Weber (pman5000) wrote,
Pete Weber

Right to Read Week, Book It!, and Levar Burton

Hey do you remember Book It! It something that the whole school did for a month and it was usually kicked off with Right to Read Week. Right to read week is when the school got all jacked up about reading and usually picked an author like Doctor Seuss and spend the whole week reading book, studying, and dressing up like characters from the various authors books. I think my favorite Write to Read week was the year we did books by Stephan Kellogg. He had cool illustrations and I really liked his Johnny Appleseed book, although now I think Johnny Appleseed is just an over glorified hippy. Then at the end of the week you could purchase a paperback version or spend the big bucks to get a hardback copy of a 20% marked up book at the book fair set up in the school gym.
As for Book it! What you did was keep a log of all the books/pages that you read on your own time throughout the week then turn that log into your homeroom teacher for prizes. I never accumulated enough hours to get one of the larger prizes like a T-shirts or Frisbees but like everyone else I got down with the free Pizza Hut Personal Pan Sized Pizza and the Book it! button. The little pizza was the size of about one slice of pizza cut into 4 and it even came in its own little Pizza Hut box. I always ordered mine at the take out counter and it seemed like it took forever for them to cook up my pizza, but I waited patiently. I guess a little kid's free mini pizza pie wasn't quite the priority. But damn it, I read 15 hours last week sacrificing good playing time for this. When it finally came, I always ate it too fast burning my tongue, having the cheese slide off, and leaving bit marks on the mini slice because it was too hot. It was just enough pizza, where it wasn't enough and I was hungry for more Pizza Hut goodness. I knew better than to ask my parents to buy more pizza, the best I got was either frozen 2 pack discount pizza or worse "home made" pizza made with spaghetti sauce, Kraft slices, and left over biscuits. So there I now was in the backseat of my parents’ station wagon unsatisfied with a little Pizza Hut box scrapping cheese of the bottom.
There was also the famed Book It! buttons. It was purple and had one of those images that changed and kind of looked animated when you changed the angle. It said Book It and had a book opening and closing. I’m not sure where any of my old buttons went to, maybe Levar Burton snuck into my home in the night using his Jordy visor to see and stole them in the night, at least he could have left me some more personal pan pizza coupons.
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